About Us

Maharudra Corporation has been established in 2013 and has steadily grown year upon year and during this time they have built a reputation as one of India's leading exporters.The major commodities dealt with Pulses,Grains and Spices.We have wide range of Basmati & Non-Basmati Rice, Split Black Gram, Split Red Gram, Split Green Gram as well as Chilli & Chilli Powder with a wide array of reliable suppliers. The company can very well boast its strength in trade from any where to every where in the world. Company has earned the trust and confidence of Customers around the world by following a policy of fulfilling the commitments as to products, price quality & delivery whether large or small, each Client receives same attentive and dedicative service and it's for these reasons that has steadily grown and achieves greater success.

Our Company

Year round programmed supply, supported by technology driven producers and modern packing facilities ensures that our customers only receive the best goods available. We develop successful business relationships through mutual trust and respect.